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Driftnet – misc scripts

#!/bin/bash mpixW=250 mpixH=300 if [ “x`which identify`” != x ] ; then echo `which identify` found! echo Tossing images less than $mpixW pixels. while true ; do read img imgType=$( expr `identify -format ‘%e’ “$img”` ) if [ “$imgType” == “jpeg” ] ; then sizeW=$( expr `identify -format ‘%w’ “$img”` ) sizeH=$( expr `identify -format […]

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Hulu location check work arounds

Method 1: Add this to the hosts file: Method 2: With Firefox and Foxyproxy addon. First add your proxy to the Foxyproxy proxies and “” to the whitelist. Now make sure to use the “Use proxies on their pre-defined patterns and priorities”-mode. (Right click on the bottom right where is says “FoxyProxy:”) This […]

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