Hack to emulate DISA

Crude hack to emulate DISA. It requires the user to hit the # key when they are finished dialing. [DISA_hack] exten => s,1,Answer exten => s,2,Wait(1) exten => s,3,Authenticate(${DISA_password}) exten => s,4,Playtones(dial) exten => s,5,Read(1stnumber,,1) exten => s,6,StopPlaytones exten => s,7,Read(restofnumber) exten => s,8,Goto(default,${1stnumber}${restofnumber},1)

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Copy files with a progress bar

rsync –progress -vaz <from dir> <to dir> -v      Turn on verbose mode -a     This turns on archive mode. Basically this causes rsync to recurse the directory copying all the files and directories and preserving things like case, permissions, and ownership on the target. (Note: Ownership may not be preserved if you are not […]

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