Software.MP – UV Notifier

Overview UV Notifier is a multi–platform(MP) UV watcher it shows the current UV in the systray area letting your know how safe it is to go out unprotected from the sun. Also included is basic weather. Thanks Features: Shows latest UV rating. Click to show current weather. Requirements: OSX:  v10.8 or greater (on request still […]

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Software.MP – Freelancer Job Search Monitor

Overview Freelancer Job Search Monitor is a multi–platform(MP) job search monitor utility. Currently it supports as its back end and shows new jobs as they come up. A GREAT app for those looking for freelance project work. Please feel free to drop us a line with any comments or suggestions. Thanks Features: Shows latest […]

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Download Adobe Connect Recording

If you are starting with long form URL, like: then trim it down until it looks like: (this is the URL you usually send to people to send them to your video) Now append the following to the shortened URL: output/ …making our example above:

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A better

Got tired of manually having to edit source files when I added a ppa to the last release(s) so now does it automaticly. If you have suggestions please leave in comments. Thanks #!/bin/bash if [ $# -eq 1 ] distVer=(`lsb_release -sc` vivid utopic trusty) NM=`uname -a && date` NAME=`echo $NM | md5sum | cut […]

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Fixes Teamviewer initctl start on Ubuntu

Problem: initctl start teamviewerd initctl: Unknown job: teamviewerd fail Solved: sudo /opt/teamviewer8/tv_bin/teamviewerd -f Reference: OR TRY: sudo teamviewer –daemon enable Other solution is this one: cp /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/script/teamviewerd.service /etc/init.d/teamviewerd service teamviewerd start if you need it automatically starting you can use: update-rc.d teamviewerd defaults Another way is: sudo ln -s /opt/teamviewer9/tv_bin/teamviewerd /etc/init.d/teamviewerd sudo update-rc.d teamviewerd […]

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Homebrew “brew install encfs”, and mount your Volume “encfs -o volname=MySecretDrive ;Path/To/EncFS /Volume/MySecretDrive”.   Using encfs in Mac OS X Still in the terminal, you can create an encrypted filesystem in Dropbox using this command: encfs ~/Dropbox/Private ~/Private Go through the setup process. You will be prompted to enter a master password. Make sure you […]

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