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Software.OSX – MacDaddyX

Overview MacDaddyX is a powerful, yet easy to use MAC Address Changer (Spoofer). MacDaddyX does not change the hardware burned-in MAC addresses. MacDaddyX changes the “software based” MAC addresses. Allows changes to any NIC that permits using built-in utilities. MacDaddyX helps people to protect their privacy by hiding their real MAC Addresses in the widely […]

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Software.OSX – NMEA2GE

Overview NMEA2GE lets you take a live network NMEA feed to Google Earth and update your position in real-time. Please feel free to drop us a line with any comments or suggestions. Need a logo/icon so if any designers out there find this program useful and care to make us one for the app just […]

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Software.MP – GEODist

Overview GEODist is a console based multi–platform(MP) distance calculator. Using the haversine formula it will calculate the great-circle distances between two points on a sphere from their longitudes and latitudes. Please feel free to drop us a line with any comments or suggestions. Thanks Features: Quick calculation coded in ASM. Calculate using the haversine formula. Option to […]

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Software.OSX – MiddleMan

Overview MiddleMan is a MITM or ARP poison detection application. A Man in The Middle attack may allow an attacker to intercept data such as financial information, modify traffic, or stop the traffic. This program aims to protect you on your local network. It is not as refined and pretty as others or have a […]

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