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# !/bin/sh
# apt-fast v0.02 by Matt Parnell, this thing is fully open-source
# if you do anything cool with it, let me know so I can publish or host it for you
# contact me at

# Special thanks to Travis/travisn000 from the PCLinux Forums for making improvements that allow
# for more complex apt-get commands. See the thread:,66385.0.html

# Use this just like apt-get for faster package downloading. Make sure to have axel installed.

# If the user entered arguments contain upgrade, install, or dist-upgrade
if echo “$@” | grep -q “upgrade\|install\|dist-upgrade”; then
echo “Working…”;

# Go into the directory apt-get normally puts downloaded packages
cd /var/cache/apt/archives/;

# Have apt-get print the information, including the URI’s to the packages
# Strip out the URI’s, and download the packages with Axel for speediness
# I found this regex elsewhere, showing how to manually strip package URI’s you may need…thanks to whoever wrote it
apt-get -y –print-uris $@ | egrep -o -e “(ht|f)tp://[^\’]+” > apt-fast.list && cat apt-fast.list | xargs -l1 axel -a

# Perform the user’s requested action via apt-get
apt-get $@;

echo -e “\nDone! Verify that all packages were installed successfully. If errors are found, run apt-get clean as root and try again using apt-get directly.\n”;

apt-get $@;